Episode 2

Feeling Better with Dahill Pharmacy

Meet Nayeem, a pharmacy technician who’s been working at Dahill Pharmacy for the last four years. When Nayeem isn’t filling the community’s prescriptions, he can be found working toward his Computer Science degree at Brooklyn College.  

We found it striking how much Nayeem enjoys his work at Dahill Pharmacy—the word “pharmacy” doesn’t exactly evoke images of rolling hills and sunsets. But after chatting with Nayeem, we were reminded of what a pharmacy’s role is in a neighborhood, in a community: to be in-between place housing all the potions and ointments that repair us, help us feel whole. 

Nayeem, Pharmacy Technician at Dahill Pharmacy

Cut from the video is a part where Nayeem says “that’s all” after listing all of the different technical, administrative, and customer-oriented work he does at the pharmacy. Even though you won’t hear it from him, take it from us, it’s a pretty big deal.

Dahill Pharmacy is located at 73 Church Ave and sells over-the-counter medication, hygiene products, and dispenses prescription medication. 

Episode 1

Living a Better Life with Bangla Nagar

For our first ever Ami Bangladeshi interview, we stayed close to home in Kensington, Brooklyn. We visited Bangla Nagar, one of several Bangladeshi-owned varieties/grocery stores in the neighborhood to speak with its owner, Mr. Anwar. Mr. Anwar is a seasoned businessman and has won several awards through his work for the Church McDonald Bangladeshi Business Association (CMBBA). He was also an incredibly gracious host and answered all of our questions about him and his shop straight from the heart. 

Anwar, Owner of Bangla Nagar

We started by asking “What is the best part of your day?”. Without skipping a beat, he replied “I love work!” In fact, Mr. Anwar works at least 12 hours at Bangla Nagar six days a week. Asked about his customers, most of whom are Bangladeshi, Mr. Anwar says they’re like his family: “I accept them as guest[s], as friend[s], as Bangladeshi[s].” And it’s true—surrounded by Pran drinks and South Asian vegetables, it really did feel homey. Bangla Nagar is located at 87 Church Ave and sells fresh fruits, vegetables, household essentials, and snacks from all over the world. Say hi to Anwar Uncle for us.

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